Top three FRC stewardship questions answered

Find recommendations for: How much time and resource you should be putting behind stewardship reporting, how far along the road to ‘perfect’ stewardship the FRC expects you to be and how long your report needs to be.

27 February 3 mins

How to approach a successful website project: Consider these five principles

At this point we all know that a website is an essential portal for information and a fundamental representation of a firm’s brand. Yet, many asset management firms fall short when it comes to building and optimizing their websites for maximum impact.

15 February 3 mins

4 principles to improve your ETF content marketing strategy

Effective ETF content marketing must build on a strong foundation of overall content best practices, and requires further strategic consideration to stand out. Total ETF assets under management have grown at approximately 15% CAGR since 2010, almost three times faster than traditional mutual funds, per data from Oliver Wyman. As this growth continues, investment marketers will continue to launch and/or optimize their ETF content marketing efforts.

24 January 3 mins

Website Performance F for Fail

OK that’s a slightly harsh headline but as a rule, asset managers websites are not fast. I meant to write this post in Q4 last year but as usual the last few weeks of 2023 got very busy and time to write became a scarce commodity. Now with all the good intentions a new year brings, I’m making time to write more about Beacon and our broader digital work.

18 January 3 mins

White Marble’s checklist of objectives for investment marketers in 2024

As we open our shiny new 2024 calendars, the mood amongst marketing leaders seems a little more cheerful. Having held back or even given up budget in 2023, priority projects are moving forward once more. The need to get ahead in this highly competitive market can’t wait.

10 January 5 mins

3 ways White Marble is helping asset managers grasp the culture ‘nettle’

This time last year we predicted culture would increasingly seen as a strategic priority by asset managers. Judging…

13 December 2 mins

Learning lessons from OpenAI’s Leadership Crisis

In recent headlines, OpenAI, a pioneer in artificial intelligence (AI), found itself in a sea of controversy. The events that unfolded not only sent shockwaves through the tech industry but also spotlighted the profound significance of corporate culture and transparency within business. So, what happened?

27 November 3 mins

Crafting Content- Ensuring your content reflects your brand and values

The next instalment of the Crafting Content series is back! Head of Content, Kirsten Hastings, shares her insights on how to ensure that your content is reflecting your brand and values.

07 November 5 mins

The UK Stewardship Code – the good, the bad and the ugly according to you, the signatories.

In the summer of 2023 we embarked on a research project to give all asset manager signatories of the UK Stewardship Code the opportunity to share their thoughts, their challenges and their successes. This report presents our findings from the good, the bad and the ugly.

30 October 3 mins

Embedding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I): what can we learn from other industries and business functions?

Given that Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) policies and programmes can pose advantages for firms, more initiatives around this topic are being launched in investment management. After spending a lot of time whilst working on the B Corp submission talking with colleagues across departments about internal policies and practices, and exploring what we can do as a business to ensure a high standard of social impact.

25 October 4 mins