Remote working has rapidly swept across the UK due to social distancing. Many of us may start to experience unanticipated mental health consequences from mandated remote work. As this leads to elevated levels of stress and anxiety, it is imperative that employers recognise the importance of workplace mental health.

In this week’s episode Twink welcomes back Janice Benning, Founder and Director of NeuroVitality Ltd to discuss how we can manage for mental health – a topic that is very much in the forefront now as we cope with isolation.


Themes covered in this podcast:

  • Spotting the ‘warning signs’ in individuals
  • Approaching friends or colleagues to start a conversation about their mental health
  • How managers can support employees who are showing signs of being mentally unwell
  • The risk to people’s mental health when moving back to the office
  • How we can support ourselves and others to try get back to a healthier place

Janice specialises in creating and delivering individual and group training sessions promoting resilience, wellbeing, and personal development both in and out of the workplace. As someone who is passionate about ensuring others maintain health and balance in a challenging business world, Janice established NeuroVitality Ltd to prevent ill health, absenteeism, and improve staff retention rates.