In essence, sales and marketing are both working towards the same goal, however, how they have traditionally done this has differed greatly. Marketers have focused on analysis and process, whereas sellers have focused on relationships and results. Fast forward to recent years to find sales and marketing teams are now starting to work together with greater cohesion. Understanding the benefits that each side brings is leading to better qualified leads, stronger relationships, and overall increased revenue.

In today’s episode Twink is joined by James Smee, CEO & Principal Consultant at Bridge, to take a deeper look into the relationship between sales and marketing, with a particular focus on sales enablement, ABM and ROI.



Themes covered in this podcast:

  • Defining sales enablement, has it evolved into something different and more structural than the traditional role of marketing?
  • ABM (Account-based marketing) – fundamentals, best practice & effectiveness
  • The increasing challenges in measuring ROI
  • How marketers can show effectiveness in their sales enablement strategies
  • How to align your sales and marketing approach – particularly as 2021 strategies and budgets are being debated.

James Smee is a highly successful and proven business leader with 20+ years commercial experience in hands-on, fast-growth organisations. Before launching Bridge back in 2018, James co-founded a highly decorated digital agency called Purestone with a final sale to global communications agency LEWIS in 2013. Having operated at C-level in a number of B2B sectors both client and agency side, James is a multi-award-winning digital marketer with a passion and highly creative flair for marketing and business development.