Ahead of International Women's day on Monday 8 March, we thought it would be a great opportunity to share with you this enlightening podcast on women in leadership roles.

In this episode, Twink is joined in the virtual studio by Jayne Fieldhouse, Partner and Head of Communications & Marketing at BlueBay Asset Management and Karen Brade, Chair & Director across a portfolio of businesses.


Themes covered include:

  • A reflection on careers from past to present.
  • Remaining motivated and thriving between dual roles.
  • The importance of being brave and bold in your career.
  • Keeping curiosity alive as a leader - working through the pandemic.
  • Career growth advice for the next generation.


Introducing the participants:

Jayne Fieldhouse is a highly driven global marketing and communications professional with a vast range of core expertise ranging from crisis management to media relations, Jayne's primary focus is building formidable marketing and communication infrastructures to enhance the performance, exposure, and profitability of companies.

Karen Brade has 25 years of experience in international finance, specialising in private equity investing, portfolio management and emerging markets. Since beginning her career in London with Citibank, Karen has held a number of non-executive board positions as well as leading international fundraising and investor relations for Commonwealth Development Corportation and Actis.