4 principles to improve your ETF content marketing strategy

Effective ETF content marketing must build on a strong foundation of overall content best practices, and requires further strategic consideration to stand out. Total ETF assets under management have grown at approximately 15% CAGR since 2010, almost three times faster than traditional mutual funds, per data from Oliver Wyman. As this growth continues, investment marketers will continue to launch and/or optimize their ETF content marketing efforts.

24 January 3 mins

Crafting Content- Ensuring your content reflects your brand and values

The next instalment of the Crafting Content series is back! Head of Content, Kirsten Hastings, shares her insights on how to ensure that your content is reflecting your brand and values.

07 November 5 mins

Is content foie gras the ultimate faux pas?

No matter how often we are told the average attention span of humans is decreasing (by an almost…

22 April 2 mins

Creating video that works

White Marble recently teamed up with video specialist Simon Crofts to run a LinkedIn Live event on the…

07 April < 1 min

The true value of segmentation

Getting better engagement from their clients is a major challenge for many asset and wealth managers. The answer…

25 February 4 mins

Three ways to drive higher content engagement

Investment managers are battling for their share of voice in a crowded media environment. The holy grail – of having engaged prospects…

16 July 2 mins

Are you (really) speaking to your clients’ needs?

Lauren Thys, Investment Communications Manager, explains how insight into clients’ needs can help asset and wealth managers with more effective marketing.

21 May 3 mins

Investment industry content challenges: in their own words 

Reflecting on recent discussions and insight from a content-focused day on our Learning Academy course, here are five insights and considerations marketers can use to improve their content efforts.

20 May 2 mins

Improve your content for search

When you create content for your digital audiences, it can be easy to sink into a pattern of…

09 April 3 mins

Editorial backbone: The key to ensuring content quality

The stats are damning. Recent research from marketing consultancy Communications and Content found the readability of investment content…

10 March 3 mins