Growing an audience, as we've all experienced, is difficult task. In our increasingly digital world it can feel hard to compete with all the other companies now pushing seemingly endless quantities of content out online. If the pandemic has reaffirmed anything over the last 12 months it is that quality matters more than quantity. The businesses that thrived in the pandemic are the ones that got the content right and at the right time.  

In today's episode Twink explores content to build audiences as she's joined by Kennedy Lynnmarketing analyst at White Marble Marketing and Vered Zimmermanfounder and managing director at FinText. 


Themes identified in this podcast: 

  • Key considerations when trying to build audiences  
  • Measuring the success of your content approach  
  • Managing consistency across all departments 
  • How to compete and get through on social media 
  • Mistakes asset managers make when attempting to building trust with audiences 

Introduction to the participants: 

Vered Zimmerman is an experienced investment writer who helps financial services firms stand apart in a saturated, noisy market. Starting her career in maths and computer science, Vered soon realised she could use Natural Language Processing to generate better content and point to what readers find engaging. This led to the creation of FinText in 2019, a company that provides investment marketers data-backed insights on content clients want to read.  

Kennedy Lynn is a recent graduate from University of Westminster in London where she obtained her master's degree in digital business. Since then, Kennedy has concentrated on learning and improving her data analysis skills and recently joined White Marble Marketing to use her analysis skills to help maintain and grow White Marbles benchmarking service.