It is no secret that the asset management world has seen its share of shakeups over the last few years. In the US, mergers and acquisitions continue to trend and will likely do so for some time to come. The multi-affiliate model is growing as well, offering investors a boutique management experience paired with scale and profitability. The debate over passive versus active is ever present and demand for ESG funds and initiatives is growing quickly. It’s an exciting time for the industry, albeit uncertain and often unpredictable.  

As ever, there is a push to increase revenue while cutting costs. So, how are investment managers scaling on a budget? 

[Enter your friendly neighborhood marketing consultant] 

Increasingly, the American market is looking to consultants to help with marketing goals and objectives. Scale, as we know, sounds great on paper but is rarely an easy undertaking. Budgets are scrutinized, resources are streamlined, business models are restructured. For larger firms, in-house resources are more and more scarce while boutique firms often don’t have in-house help. Partnering with a marketing consultancy can solve several of these problems simultaneously: 

  1. Resource: Good ideas without the opportunity to execute can be one of the most frustrating parts of our ever-changing industry. Most firms don’t seem to have enough in-house talent to bring an idea to fruition. This is where an agency partnership can be helpful. These consultancies have the people, the talent and the time to help you meet your marketing goals. 
  2. Budget: Listen, let’s be real, asset managers have money. LOTS of money. How much of that money is allocated to marketing is relative, and if a firm is going through, say, an acquisition, it can be difficult to secure the budget needed to meet all of your objectives. Hiring a consultant provides an opportunity to “plug-in”, so to speak, as the relationship can be short or long-term. It’s entirely up to you, the client.  
  3. ExpertiseNiche expertise, to be specific. Consultancies are supported by talent across digital, brand, sustainability, campaign planning and analytics. Where there are gaps in any given organization, a marketing agency can leverage in-house expertise to lend a hand. 
  4. Perspective: If you’ve read this far below the fold you may already know where I’m going with this. Investment managers often have a hard time modernizing while staying true to legacy and core values. Rebranding a firm’s identity is easier said than done and even with in-house talent it can be difficult to bring a fresh perspective to the task. Partnering alongside an agency offers this thorough analysis with transparent and open dialogue. 

Asset management marketing is a fun game. There’s no shortage of challenges but with each challenge comes opportunity. For agencies, that opportunity lies in helping elevate businesses through focused, tailored consultancy to meet both short and long-term goals. 

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