Our February user group kicked off welcoming Natixis Investment Managers and BNP Paribas Asset Management to the group. Every new member brings a broader set of benchmark metrics to the group so we’re delighted to welcome both teams.

We updated on the setting up of the Metrologis peer group in the US. Many of the firms in the current group either have a US parent or market & distribute in the US so our natural starting point will be working with existing members to build a US group. We’ll then expand to work with a broader range of firms to capture representative peer group.

The first of our new reports were presented and discussed:

  • Search – we reviewed the visibility ranking for each firm for the keywords and improve/decline scores
  • Keyword building – we completed a group exercise to agree a comprehensive set of keywords across strategies, asset classes, themes and more
  • Site quality – we reviewed a health % rating for each firm and looked at the typical errors; some interesting findings and it raised the priority of this area for members. SEO remains an important element in the marketing tool box; running great campaigns or producing great content can be impaired if the website & journey are not performing as they should
  • Social media – we reviewed the performance of member profiles across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube. We’ve always measured the traffic coming into member sites from these networks but now we have enabled benchmarking for the performance and engagement levels directly from the social profiles

Another great session with a really engaged group of members – we’ve got lots more to share at the next meeting in June.