What’s your role at White Marble?    

As a Marketing Executive at White Marble, a significant portion of my time is dedicated to managing and supporting web-based consultancy projects, including website builds and redesigns, as well as research, planning, social publishing, and analytics projects. I have been with the company for over 3 years, which also includes a 6-month career break when I traveled to Southeast Asia to ‘find myself.’ As my travels came to an end, it turned out that all I wanted to ‘find’ was my way back to White Marble…but this time with a slight tan and a lot less money in my bank! Alas, I’m back in action and continue to be involved in numerous types of digital projects for our wide range of clients.


What prior experience do you bring?    

Before joining White Marble, I worked for GAM as a Digital Marketing Trainee as part of the Investment 20/20 programme. My responsibilities there ranged from content publishing, building and designing website pages, managing the GAM social media accounts, building email templates, and creating monthly metrics reports. Prior to working at GAM, I graduated from Bournemouth University. It was during my time there that my interest in digital marketing initially blossomed.


What’s your favourite hobby or pastime?    

I must admit, I am a Starbucks-obsessed girly-girl at heart. Nothing makes me happier than meeting up with friends over an oat milk latte in a cosy, quirky little coffee shop—how Gen Z of me. More recently, I’ve discovered a newfound obsession that fills me with an equal amount of joy—reading psychological and thriller books. If you happen to share the same passion, I can’t recommend ‘The Silent Patient’ by Alex Michaelides enough.


What’s a fun fact about you?       

I recently did a skydive from 14,000 feet over the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns, Australia. It was an amazing experience that I’d love to do again.


What’s a pet peeve of yours?    

It has to be when people put rubbish next to the bin… Or laundry next to the washing basket – shout out to my boyfriend.


What can’t you live without?    

Cocktails. My most recent obsession is spicy margaritas. I just can’t get enough!