What’s your role at White Marble?   

I lead on all things investment-related at White Marble, so most of my work is on investment proposition and product marketing projects. I spend a lot of time talking with fund managers and sales teams to help them craft and hone their sales pitches.   


What prior experience do you bring?    

Aside from a brief spell at LGIM, most of my career prior to WM was in boutiques, with long stints at both Liontrust and Guinness Asset Management. My time in these investment-led boutiques is what nurtured my understanding of investment styles and processes.   


What’s your favourite hobby or pastime?    

Outside of work I’d have to choose wine and woodwork (although thankfully not at the same time). I run a small investment-centric wine club with a few mates, and also make furniture – there’s nothing better than hewing a garden table out of some beautiful English oak.   


What’s a fun fact about you?       

I told a story in the red chair on The Graham Norton Show and didn’t get flipped!  


What’s a pet peeve of yours?    

People who bag up their dog muck but then leave it hanging in a hedge. Brainless!  


What can’t you live without?    

Music. I’ve spent years exploring the catalogues of a very eclectic range of artists, and have carefully crafted playlists at the ready for every occasion.