What’s your role at White Marble? 

I am the Assistant Vice President for Content Marketing in the U.S. My focus areas include helping clients with efforts related to content strategy, content distribution, writing and editing, effective storytelling and messaging, thought leadership positioning, and more.

I also have a hand in White Marble’s internal content marketing efforts, including leading our quarterly report on U.S. investment marketing trends.


What prior experience do you bring? 

I’ve been in content marketing since the start of my career, in 2016. I previously worked as a Marketing Communications Manager at Clutch, a marketplace platform for B2B service providers, where I gained a suite of skills in B2B writing, content strategy, SEO and link-building, video marketing, social media marketing, and more. I then worked as a Content Lead for Accenture’s U.S. federal government business, where I specialized in planning out and executing their thought leadership content strategy.

Before my career, I studied Media Studies at the University of Virginia.


What’s your favourite hobby or pastime? 

I have two – reading and singing. I bring my Kindle with me everywhere, and I always love diving into a new book. I also have been a member of a cappella groups and choirs ever since I was a kid. My favorite singing anecdote, though, is that I used to be on a competitive karaoke team!


What’s a fun fact about you? 

I won my elementary school’s Geography Bee in the 5th grade – perhaps my greatest achievement.


What’s a pet peeve of yours? 

Any lack of appreciation for the Oxford comma.


What can’t you live without?    

Adventures. I love trying new activities, new restaurants, going on trips to new places, etc.