We apply our skills and experience to address fundamental sustainability issues in our own industry, as well as our wider society. 

What we're doing 

We are making conscious efforts to reduce our footprint on the environment. Equally important to us is using our position in the industry to tackle some of our industry's social and governance challenges. 

Our business is female-founded with a majority of female employees. As such, we recognise the importance of working alongside industry partners to address diversity and equality within investment management.

Our responsibility

We believe in making a difference using our knowledge and experience as a force for good. Through our partnership with Ethical Angel - a skills-based volunteering platform - our team can use their skills to contribute to charitable projects around the world. 

Closer to home, we invest in our team's wellbeing through wellness resources and open conversations about mental health. We seek and implement employee feedback regularly, as we value different views and perspectives to grow our business sustainably. 

White Marble sustainability in numbers

4640 plus

trees in our forest

256.11 T

of carbon reduction

10 months

climate positive workforce

Responsible Investing Marketing Certificate 

A new certificate course that gives investment marketers a foundation in sustainability and responsible investing. 

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