We are proud to be a Certified B Corp

"B Corp has enhanced the way we think about our impact on our industry and our people."

Benjie Elston, Head of Sustainability

What is B Corp?

B Corp™ Certification is a designation that a business is meeting high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency on factors from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials.

B Corp is about the journey to being a  better business, across their entire social and environmental impact, and is not an end point in itself. Businesses must re-certify every three years, ensuring continued improvement and progression. 

What is the biggest benefit for White Marble?

B Corp provided a framework where we looked beyond day-to-day operations to consider our business as a whole. There were roughly 200 questions and though some weren't relevant, others did highlight gaps we needed to fill to make our business more aligned with the future, while still feeling like us and what we believe in.

What was the process of gaining B Corp certification like?

It was more work than expected – it’s not just the submission that takes up a lot of time, but also providing the proof and reasoning during the verification stage. There was a lot of back and forth – but this does show the comprehensiveness of the certification.

What was the biggest takeaway?

That it is actually a mindset change rather than a project. It encouraged us to consider our relationships with our stakeholders and community, offering the best possible consultancy work whilst being a good business – for both our industry and people.

Being a B Corp

The impact area pillars 



Evaluates our company’s governance and how it considers all stakeholders



How we look after our people, are we improving their lives and wellbeing



How we are giving back and contributing positively to the communities around us



Our environmental management practices and what we do for our planet



How we look after our customers and are leaving a positive impact

What Sustainability means to all of us at White Marble 

Weaving sustainability into every aspect of our culture and collaborating with purpose. 

To B Corp or not to B Corp - What is the answer?

In this podcast, Lisa Mattes - White Marble Consulting and Lucy Ronan - Octopus Investments, explore the motivations behind companies striving for B Corp certification, the end-end process and how it has shaped their companies.