In this episode, Kirsten Hastings, White Marble's Head of Content and Lisa Mattes Senior Marketing Executive at White Marble are joined by Lucy Ronan, Impact and Sustainability Manager at Octopus Group.

With White Marble only recently achieving its B Corp certification and Octopus Group gearing up for recertification, in this podcast they delve into the reasons companies want to achieve B Corp certification, what the process is like and how it has shaped the companies.

Themes covered in this podcast:

  • What are the benefits of B Corp certification?
  • Myths or conspiracies about B Corp status that need to be dispelled?
  • Is there an 'ideal' stage in the lifecycle of a business where applying for B Corp would be best?
  • Any types of businesses that wouldn't be suitable for B Corp?
  • How being B Crop certified has changed Octopus?

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