Although ESG investing isn’t new, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of maintaining investment exposure to companies that pursue sustainable goals. Now more than ever, ESG is something investors can no longer afford to ignore.

In light of the ever-growing prominence of ESG, we have produced a two episode series on building an ESG business and brand that saw Twink joined by Carlo Fassinotti, Head of Advisory Marketing at Nordea Asset Management and Benjie Elston, Product Director at White Marble Marketing.




Main themes covered in part one:

  • Motivating, organising, and aligning a business with ESG investing
  • Engaging people externally and internally on ESG
  • The danger of getting ahead of client demands
  • Understanding the scope of the term ‘ESG’
  • Clients understanding of SDGs and the Paris Climate Agreement

Carlo has been with Nordea since 2011 where he started off as a Product Specialist (2011-2013). In 2014, he opened the Madrid Sales Office and was part of the Iberia Sales Team (2014 – 2018). Presently he is the Head of Advisory Marketing, responsible for effective and focused marketing and communication efforts across Nordea Asset Management.