With Investment Week’s – Women in Investment Awards round the corner, we took the opportunity to talk to one of the front runners and truly delve into what it means to be a ‘marketing influencer’ and a ‘marketing role model’.  In today’s episode, Twink is joined in the virtual studio by nominee Alex Leay, Group Head Wholesale Marketing & Head of UK Marketing at HSBC Asset Management.

Themes covered in this podcast:

  • The key marketing areas Alex focuses
  • Adjusting to a leadership position and how to motivate the right standards and behaviours
  • Changing leadership styles
  • Challenges experienced over the past year or two and turning things around
  • What marketers should focus on to be a leader in their field

Introducing the participant:

Alex is the Global Head of Wholesale Marketing and the Head of UK Marketing at HSBC Asset Management. Throughout her 14-year career at HSBC, she has held numerous senior marketing and propositions roles, covering various asset classes and client segments. Prior to HSBC, Alex was Global Head of External Comms at Thomson Reuters, where Portfolio Managers were one of her favourite client groups! Alex leads the HSBC Asset Management Working Parents group and holds a BBA in Management from Lancaster University and a post graduate qualification from the Chartered Institute of Marketing.