Can we make all girls feel welcome?

In the week that we celebrated International Women's Day, it was amazing to see so many women speak…

09 March 2 mins

The true value of segmentation

Getting better engagement from their clients is a major challenge for many asset and wealth managers. The answer…

25 February 4 mins

Is your core message out of step with your audience?

Communicating a brand or campaign’s core message is one of those concepts that often sounds easy, but few…

02 July 2 mins

Are you (really) speaking to your clients’ needs?

Lauren Thys, Investment Communications Manager, explains how insight into clients’ needs can help asset and wealth managers with more effective marketing.

21 May 3 mins

10 tips for creating video

Rich media is increasingly considered a non-negotiable part of an effective marketing strategy. Video is a particularly popular…

22 October 3 mins

Talking in a language the C-Suite understands

Generalisations are never ideal, but there certainly seems to be particular characteristics that C-suite executives in investment management…

11 August 4 mins

Message clarity in a noisy market

It’s easy to drive your message to your audience through sheer force and big budgets, but how do…

17 July 2 mins

The dangers of short-termism

In our fast-moving environment, marketers – not just those in the investment industry – are being pulled in…

22 January 2 mins

Is seasonal marketing relevant for the investment industry?

We’ve all been faced with the dreaded question of: ‘What is our Christmas marketing strategy?’. While consumer retail…

17 December 2 mins

The battle for clients’ trust in a challenging environment

The investment industry has seen its fair share of negative media attention over the past few months, notably…

24 October 2 mins