We’re delighted to announce the arrival of Beacon, our White Marble benchmarking service. Previously known as Metrologis (in partnership with the Sophus team), we’ve re-engineered the service and made it an integral part of the White Marble brand.

We felt it was important to reflect that change in a new name: Beacon.The purpose of Beacon is to shine a light on performance and illuminate ‘what good looks like’ in investment management marketing.

Measuring marketing has always been a focus for us, whether it is analysing the effectiveness of client marketing teams, operations & technology or reporting the performance of marketing activity. Beacon brings the missing piece of the measurement puzzle to our clients: what good (marketing) looks like.

What’s different about Beacon? It’s 100% data driven.

It’s not one-off, it’s not the aggregation of reviews and it’s not subjective.

It is founded on data from our clients’ website content, engagement & performance, social media, email activity and search performance. The data we work from continues to grow with content engagement – highlighting which firms are having their content read – being one of our newest additions.

All of this enables marketers to compare their metrics against their peer group of investment firms, identify where they are performing – above or below the benchmark – and use this to then prioritise marketing activities.

Beacon goes beyond just data

Our existing members highly value the community that has been brought together through Beacon. We meet regularly to look at the industry benchmarks, focus on challenges, share best practice and simply spend time with other marketers working on the same challenges.

In short, Beacon provides visual data around core marketing metrics that matter, the underlying data sets for analysis and a community forum for marketers.

But we’re just getting started on it’s capabilities. Our roadmap includes:

  • increased content engagement data
  • strengthening our API to enable firms to incorporate the data internally
  • adding ESG benchmark data
  • simplifying onboarding through analytics authentication
  • building our insight layer

If you would like to get started with benchmarks that inform ‘what good looks like’ in investment marketing, we would love for you to join us in either the UK or the US.

Get started here.