The Investment Marketing Scoop: Future Talent Pools

Long term initiatives are developing future talent. Low rates of employee engagement, higher demands for workplace flexibility and…

25 April 3 mins

Celebrating Black History Month UK – 23 resources & marketing inspiration

One way to honor Black History Month is to focus on improving our allyship. This may encompass building a richer awareness of black experiences or rooting out any subconscious assumptions and subtle prejudices within ourselves. Finding appropriate resources may seem difficult, so we have gathered some that you may find informative or illuminating.

25 October 6 mins

4ps to overcome ‘Imposter’ syndrome

Over the last twenty years White Marble has had the privilege of training hundreds of ambitious marketers around the world, representing…

25 March 3 mins

Never too late to learn

The other day my eight-year-old son asked me what I was doing.  To my reply of "I am…

18 March 3 mins

Managing and persuading stakeholders: key principles

Jen Taylor outlines some of her key learnings from AIM’s recent Stakeholder Management workshop. Managing stakeholders effectively can…

15 June 3 mins

Wellness top tips: How to improve your well-being at work

It’s no secret that well-being in the workplace is becoming an increasingly important issue, with research finding that…

11 December 4 mins