White Marble’s US Quarterly Trends Report: Insight to Help You Spot Opportunities

As the second quarter begins and we continue to adjust to life after the pandemic, it is hard…

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Why marketing budgets and strategic credence continue to rise

The demands on marketing departments continue to grow. They need to be data-led, digitally savvy and creatively minded.…

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Why Terry Smith must take responsibility for his immense influence (a defence of Unilever)

A public attack of consumer goods company Unilever by one of the most influential investors in the UK has left some people scratching their heads and…

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And Just Like That: How nimble marketing can propel your brand

I am the target market for the Sex and the City reboot and was in front of my TV – in charge of the remote, with my glass of cab last Thursday at 8:30 pm. I, too, was shocked when I realized the Peloton ride was not going the way it should. I do know what a product placement is (thanks to friend and founder of @zakHill) and could not imagine this was a product placement. It was not.

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Nine investment marketing trends to watch in 2022

Our team looks at the nine biggest trends that will shape asset and wealth managers’ marketing over the coming year.   

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AIM High: The changing UK advisory market

The AIM High podcast, is hosted by Twink Field, White Marble Marketing CEO and Founder. She regularly invites…

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Association of Investment Marketers 12 days of Christmas challenge

Welcome to our 12 days of Christmas challenge ???? Over the next three weeks we will be posting…

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Hot topics of the month

Welcome to our new content feature: ‘hot topics of the month’, identifying a range of key blog posts…

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Europe – out of complexity comes opportunity

The Brexit referendum on the 23rd of June 2016 saw 51.89% of Brits vote to leave the European…

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GDPR – is there too much emphasis on company and not enough on customer?

The introduction of GDPR came into force on the 25th of May 2018 and completely changed the way…

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