Personality is everything, and yes I mean EVERYTHING. If books didn’t have personality, you wouldn’t read them. If films didn’t have personality, you wouldn’t watch them. If people didn’t have personality,  you’d probably spend most of your life trying to avoid them.

The same applies to social media. No one is going to bother reading or engaging with your posts if you can’t demonstrate personality through your social channels.

All marketers have asked themselves the same question at one point in their career: why are people not engaging with our content? Your content might be relevant and you might be pushing everything out in a timely manner, but today, being simply relevant and timely might not be enough to cut it. This is when your brand personality needs to shine, cut through the noise and help you grab your audience’s attention.

What do you mean by personality on social media?

I’m glad you asked.

Whenever I mention personality, people always associate this with being comedic. They’ll respond with something akin to: “oh, but I don’t know how to write funny posts to grab my audience’s attention.” Well luckily for you, you don’t have to be funny. I know I’m not!

What I mean by personality is being memorable. This can come from the tone you use on your social posts or the messaging and formats of your content pieces.

If you stripped back your social channel and removed all branding, would a client still be able to recognise it is you? If your answer was no, I’d suggest you carry on reading

Why is personality important if my content is relevant?

If you’re still asking this question, I’m going to assume the above didn’t persuade you. Here are three other reasons why you should demonstrate personality online:

  • It creates brand trust, which leads to more sales. According to LinkedIn, more than 57% of consumers purchase from brands with strong personalities.
  • It increases reach. Personality allows you to express your creativity online, which as a result can help you attract new customers and demographics.
  • To stay above your competition. In a world of social media dominance where everyone is trying to have their voice heard, injecting personality can help you stay above the competition.

Studies show that that ‘95% of purchasing decisions are based on feelings instead of logic’. Therefore, it’s imperative companies develop brand personality to help engage and gain a client’s trust.

Now I understand it’s important, how can I showcase my personality on social media?

Another great question, but like a classic cliffhanger I’m not going to provide the answers to this question right now – read more about this in the next blog I’ll share on this topic.

In the meantime, remember that personality doesn’t always come down to the way you write your posts. It can be showcased in a variety of ways and often is demonstrated by the type of content you post rather than what you write.

Now you know what you can do to judge the strength, or even existence, of your brand’s personality, spend some time removing the visual identity from your’s and your competitors’ posts. Can you tell the difference between them or reliably spot your own? It might be an eye-opener.