In this episode Kirsten Hastings, Head of Content at White Marble, is joined by Coredelia Hughes, Regional Vice President at RWS Group, and Lauren Glossop Marketing Consultant at White Marble

During this episode they delve into a range of topics, including content; specifically the challenges facing the financial services industry when it comes to delivering regulatory compliant content in multiple languages, the growing threat of AI and ensuring accessibility.  

Themes covered in this podcast:

  • How much translation companies need during expansion
  • Should similar companies be worried about the rise of Artifical Intelligence?
  • Is the threat of AI being used for marketing and translation automation real?
  • Can AI help traditionally onerous tasks in this regulated industry - or will we always need human oversight?
  • The environmental impact of AI
  • What do companies overlook when making their content accessible?
  • Tips on best practice

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