This time last year we predicted culture would increasingly be seen as a strategic priority by asset managers. Judging by our conversations with clients and ongoing consultancy work in this area, we were right! 

  1. We’re talking the talk: In 2023, White Marble was asked to host sessions on culture ‘as a competitive edge’, as a ‘measure of success’, as an ‘aid to authentic storytelling’ and as a way to ‘further DE&I’. We presented in multiple formats, for crowds of many different shapes and sizes. If you would like us to be at your event, or present for your team in 2024, please get in touch.
  2.  We're walking the walk: So convinced are we about the importance of culture in creating a productive, innovative and energising place to work that we audited our own, and plan to do so annually! We are proud of what we discovered and are happy to share our approach, results and key learnings with anyone interested in doing a similar audit themselves. Contact us to find out more.
  3.  We’re helping others stress test their cultures:  Another reason we find the topic of culture so stimulating is its inevitable intersection with brand. In such a competitive environment, companies are at pains to set themselves apart from the crowd. For active managers in particular, collaboration, innovation and people power are the attributes they most want to emphasise. We see culture audits as a crucial tool in testing authenticity and providing robust evidence of such claims, helping firms articulate their strengths more meaningfully. Find out how we helped a client do just that…  

And now over to you… 

To build on the culture agenda we set and shared in 2023, we are conducting research into the relevance of, attitudes towards and measurement of culture in the investment industry.  

If you have 10 minutes to spare and would like to receive the insights once our research is completed, get involved here!