Are you (really) speaking to your clients’ needs?

Lauren Thys, Investment Communications Manager, explains how insight into clients’ needs can help asset and wealth managers with more effective marketing.

3 minutes

The Paradox of Institutional Marketing

Teams that sell investment management to institutional clients often call themselves "Institutional Marketing" - the rational being that…

2 minutes

5 questions you’ve always had about market segmentation

Investment managers are struggling to differentiate themselves in the eyes of investors. This is a challenge I come…

4 minutes

AIM High: Segmentation as part of your marketing strategy

Understanding your target market is crucial for marketing success, yet, so many companies fail to take their clients’…

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AIM High: The changing UK advisory market

The AIM High podcast, is hosted by Twink Field, White Marble Marketing CEO and Founder. She regularly invites…

2 minutes

Marketing to advisers: recent trends

Marketing to financial advisers is no easy task and in the current competitive environment, financial services product and…

3 minutes

Part 2: Discretionary Fund Managers: 4 tips on how asset managers could improve their relationship with DFMs

In part 1 of our research, we worked with research company, DISCUS, to find out how DFMs select funds…

2 minutes

Deep Dive – Discretionary Fund Managers: Part 1

A deep dive into Discretionary Fund Managers: Part 1 How well do you know this key distribution channel?…

5 minutes