A two-step guide to launching a new social media platform:  

  1. Launch a social media platform 
  2. Accept a cage fight challenge from your biggest rival. 

Now that I have your attention – I can confirm that this blog is not about me challenging anyone to a cage fight, nor will I be launching a new social media platform to compete with my non-existent nemesis. 

But, if you have read this far, I presume you are equally curious about the launch of Meta’s social media platform Threads, which is set to rival Elon Musk’s recent purchase of Twitter. 

Keeping this blog short and sweet (on the basis that attention spans have reached an all-time low, mostly thanks to social media) I’ve broken down the launch of Threads and offered up some considerations to ponder.  

What on earth is Threads? 

Labelled the Twitter Killer by CBS News, Threads has been described as "Instagram's text-based conversation app"1. In essence, the new service is less about images and more about words – aimed at enabling communities to come together and discuss the trends of today and tomorrow. Sound slightly familiar? Well, Elon Musk might have a thing or two to say about that too. 

Is Threads worth looking into for our industry?   

  1. We know there is a strain on resources, so you might be questioning whether now is a good time to add yet another social platform to the marketing mix. There is no right or wrong answer but, if you are curious about knowing the questions and topics your target audience might be asking, it might be a good idea to assert your presence in this space. After all, gone are the days of it only being Gen Z on Instagram. Your audience is there – just in a slightly different capacity. Presence is always important.  
  2. Another aspect that is always top of mind when it comes to social media is compliance. There can be some hesitancy from compliance when it comes to social, particularly because word travels. Social media is nothing new, but all platforms have their own criteria and rulebook. There are going to be a few specific considerations such as; will compliance need to vet every reply given the nature of the platform is to spark conversation? To what extent do social media policies need to be reviewed and is this platform the one that might work really well for a brand ambassador programme?    

There is always a level of nervousness when a new social media platform in launched, particularly in our industry. In addition to the potential resource strain and compliance considerations– there is also the ever-loving data and privacy conundrum. Looking at recent reports, Threads will only launch in the UK and the US. The EU launch to be delayed due to… you guessed it… personal data usage concerns.  Anyway, I did say I would keep this short and sweet…  

So, the big question: What has this blog taught you? 

It has taught you the crucial steps involved in launching a new social media platform. Jokes aside, I’ll be keeping an eye on Threads to see if it lives up to the anticipated hype and figure out the direction our industry might take in tackling yet another social media platform.  

To conclude, your curiosity about Threads has evidently been piqued. If you want to ponder its implications (and anything social related) further, you are most welcome to email me and I would be happy to chat . #MicDrop #SofiaOut