AI and its associated tools such as ChatGPT are dominating the headlines.  

At this point, you may roll your eyes at the thought of reading yet another AI article. You may wonder if all this AI stuff is overhyped, and not relevant to your role. But it remains true that AI is transforming the investment and asset management world and has unique benefits for marketers in our space – if they use it appropriately.  

Stick around for one more AI article, and I'll reward you with cute dog pictures from our team – and you may even learn a thing or two. Below, we share five AI tools that are particularly useful to investment marketers, and three truths about AI that marketers should consider before using any tool. 

Five AI tools for investment marketers:

Supercharge your SEO with Post Cheetah 

Post Cheetah coins itself as the ‘most powerful AI SEO tool’ and, in my opinion, they are not wrong. The platform is suitable for beginners as well as advanced SEO marketers.  

The software enables you to identify a range of different keywords for topics you are interested in and then uses AI and Google data to group these keywords together and suggest targeted article titles. Post Cheetah also has an integration with ChatGPT and can write initial drafts of content for further review. 

Marketers can use Post Cheetah to greatly increase their efficiency when researching keywords, generating content ideas, and writing articles optimized for search. 

Link to website: 

Never lose a tab with Heydey

Have you ever tried to research a topic and find some information that you know you have already seen and read before? Don’t worry, we have all been there, especially as marketers. 

Heydey is a browser extension that helps you remember more of what you learn by resurfacing content you forgot about as you browse the web. 

Link to website: 

Quickly summarise documents with LightPDF

LightPDF is a free online AI tool that allows users to instantly analyse and extract data from PDFs and other documents.  

As marketers, we’re often dealing with a flood of PDFs, Word, and PowerPoint files being sent to us from other departments. 

LightPDF can analyse a document and provide you with a small summary about what’s included. From there, you can then ask the tool’s chatbot questions like, ‘How did the 2022 brand awareness campaign perform’ and it will try to answer your question.  

Link to website: 

Efficiently document processes with Scribe AI

Scribe AI helps to take care one of the most dreaded parts of your job: documenting processes.  

Scribe AI is a Google extension that allows you to record your processes while you work. The tool’s AI then generates a step-by-step guide.  

Link to website: 

Become an Excel pro with Sheet+

Do you ever get stuck on Excel because you don’t know the right formula to manipulate the data the way you want it? Yeah, me too.  

Sheet+ does the formula writing work for you. You input what you’re looking to do in Excel, and this AI tool will tell you the exact formula needed.  

Link to the website: 

Considerations before using AI tools

AI tools like these can transform how investment marketers work. However, it’s essential that marketers approach using any AI tool with a healthy dose of scepticism. Why? 

  1. AI outputs may be inaccurate or incomplete. The complexity of outputs created by tools like ChatGPT can give the appearance that AI is all-knowing. However, at its highest level, AI typically works by predicting what is most likely the correct answer or best language – and not every prediction will be correct. It’s essential that marketers place guardrails around their use of AI and fact-check outputs appropriately. So, for example, we do not endorse immediately publishing an article written solely by AI – instead, use AI to create an initial outline or draft, and then edit and review thoroughly.  
  2. AI tools may have unknown security risks. Check the tool’s policies and understand where the data you input is being stored, and how it might be used in the future. Some AI models may automatically opt-in your data for future training of the model, for example. Understand the security risks, if any, and choose carefully what data you input into tools.  
  3. AI outputs will be increasingly scrutinized by regulators in the future. As seen by recent messaging and actions by the FCA in the UK and the SEC in the US, as well as the broader upcoming AI Act in the EU, the use of AI will only become a greater focus for government regulators. As regulations are introduced or refined, stay aware and ensure your marketing uses are complying. 

Ultimately, AI can greatly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of firms’ marketing efforts – if used appropriately. 

And this concludes my first ever article written entirely by ChatGPT… 

Only kidding, there’s some things AI can’t replace.  

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