We recently held our User Group meeting for members of the Metrologis benchmarking peer group. We get together three times per year to welcome new members, review KPIs, discuss the product roadmap and share learnings.

First up was welcoming the team at Legal & General Investment Management who joined the group and completed their onboarding process. Onboarding is a relatively simple process typically utilising Google Tag Manager (or similar) to implement the tracking scripts, completing internal approvals and then we go to work to set up the URL structures, email imports and other metrics.

We previewed our new KPI reports; these are a set of key measures agreed by the group that we publish monthly. We have migrated these to Klipfolio as a visualisation tool to display the charts and allow simple filtering.

Next we have been working with BrightTALK on the basis that many members use the BrightTALK platform for webinars and audience enagement. Alfie Soutar joined us to present benchmarking data from BrighTALK and how member firms can include a range of webinar metrics to measure performance against.

We launched our new search, site performance and social benchmark reports which have been driven by demand from the group.

The new reports reflect a desire to bring broader metrics into the benchmarking service and help members measure peformance across:

  • search visibility – how am I performing against my peers on a set of relevant keywords?
  • site performance – how is our website performing for indexing, speed and site errors?
  • social – how are our social media profiles performing?

We’re excited about continuing to extend and enhance the data sets we use to benchmark and ultimately we’re guided by our members – if we can measure something as a group and it helps drive marketing performance, we will.

Finally we discussed the use of Net Promoter Score as a useful measure of customer loyalty and satisfaction. It’s a relatively easy measure to gather data around although it has supporters and critics alike. We haven’t implemented the measure based on group feedback but it’s a good example of continually assessing the best data to measure marketing performance.