White Marble product director Benjie Elson was asked to contribute to Ignites recent article on whether 2021 will be the year in which marketers become more sophisticated in the way they use data to engage clients and generate business insights?

Focusing on his expertise and reflecting on 2020, Benjie explores themes such as burnout, hybrid events and cookies.  "Marketing staff ended 2020 dead on their feet after a year in which their roles have mushroomed and teams have been stretched to breaking point.' 

This creates the risk of "burnout" in 2021 if firms continue to heap more work on staff without greater prioritisation of what is important and support to deliver that. 

Now marketeers are expected to be specialists in environmental, social and governance investment topics, data experts, understand client segmentation, regulation and stakeholder management, come up with creative campaigns as well as write well. 

To protect teams from burnout, firms need to formally assess which specialist skills they need in-house, and support staff with training and development. Other functions where specialist skills may not be required - such as media buying, advertising or public relations - should be outsourced." 

White Marble are always proud to see their team members sharing their knowledge and opinions to the wider industry. You can Read the full article at IgnitesEurope.com