What’s your role at White Marble?  

My role at White Marble is Managing Director, which is built around three main responsibilities: making sure our operations across people, technology and processes are ready for scale; working with new and existing clients on digital strategy and leading the build of Beacon, our benchmarking product.  


What prior experience do you bring?  

My background has been mostly within financial services, both in NZ and the UK. Here in the UK that experience has spanned banking, insurance and – over the last decade or more – investment management.  

Generally, my experience has involved acting as a bridge between business or marketing teams and technology teams or suppliers. I’ve served as a translator, helping both sides understand what the other wants.   

White Marble offered the perfect mix of a consultancy approach and continuing collaboration with the type of clients I’ve worked with throughout my career. I love working with people who want to build great things and believe that we can achieve more together. 


What’s your favourite hobby or pastime?  

Despite my focus on everything digital I love being away from screens, whether this involves a wide-open space with dogs, a bike or something on the water. As anyone will tell you, I’m a morning person and don’t cope well when trying to combine that with late nights. 


What’s a fun fact about you?    

One timely claim to fame is having met QEII in New Zealand. My mother took me out of school when I was around the age of 11, brought me to the airport and prodded me into handing over a bunch of flowers at the appropriate time. My picture made it into the paper.  


What’s a pet peeve of yours?  

One pet peeve is anyone who doesn’t update their phone or computer apps. I’m known to commandeer people’s devices and apply updates…. 


What can’t you live without?  

I couldn’t live without headphones.