What’s your role at White Marble?   

My role at White Marble is Lead Developer. The role consists of a lot of things but mainly delivering on all the development projects at White Marble. Outside of that, I’m constantly looking for areas of improvement in the development process to ensure that every project we deliver is on time and is of the high standard White Marble clients expect. 


What prior experience do you bring?   

Previously I was a senior web developer at a marketing agency in Portsmouth for 3 years. It was a similar role, building the website projects and leading the development team which consisted of two other developers. 


What’s your favourite hobby or pastime?   

I really enjoy my running. I try to get out most days and you’ll find me at my local ParkRun most Saturday mornings! 


What’s a fun fact about you?      

I once flew from the French Alps to the Scottish Highlands to summit Ben Nevis. Whilst there I also stopped by the ‘Duncan Forbes Primary School’ in Culloden. Unfortunately not named after me. 


What’s a pet peeve of yours?   

When people in pick up their dog poo to put it in a bag, only to then chuck the bag back on the floor! Why even bother, you’ve made the situation worse! 


What can’t you live without?   

A water bottle. I used to be quite militant in drinking 5 litres of water a day, I’m quite a bit more relaxed about it now but it’s rare you’ll find me without a water bottle close by!