What’s your role at White Marble?   

Being a Designer at White Marble is a multidisciplinary dream as I work across all client and in-house design tasks. My expertise lies in branding and specifically relates to creating foundations and articulating complex ideas. I’m a brand guardian and will always look to ensure authenticity is achieved through design. 


What prior experience do you bring?   

Prior to joining White Marble I worked in and around the FinTech industry, including contributing to branding projects for some of the global leaders in the field. I’ve also served as the Head Creative of a leading UK charity, which I guided through the launch of a new brand platform and oversaw the creation of a new asset bank for. 


What’s your favourite hobby or pastime?   

My number one hobby is going to gigs – be it music or comedy, I’m there! My favourite genre is Neo Soul, which always hits the spot. 


What’s a fun fact about you?     

I’ll offer two: I’m a certified bedroom DJ and won Best Eyes in my school yearbook. 


What’s a pet peeve of yours?   

My ultimate ‘pet peeve’ is when people sneeze without covering their mouth. The germ paranoia kicks in, to be followed by the fear of touching anything. 


What can’t you live without?   

I can’t live without my personal calendar as I try to pack out every day of the week with things to do. It would be an absolute nightmare remembering everything without it.