What’s your role at White Marble?   

I’m a Marketing Analyst that specializes in market research, social media and campaign development. At White Marble I’ve had the opportunity to work on projects involving the development of brand identities, marketing strategies and sustainability propositions.  


What prior experience do you bring?   

Before joining White Marble I was a member of a Digital team at a large PR firm based in New York City. I worked primarily on consumer brands in the candy and children’s toy industries in this role, contributing to influencer marketing, brand partnership creation and social media management.  


What’s your favorite hobby or pastime?   

As a self-proclaimed foodie, one of my favorite hobbies includes trying out new restaurants in the tri-state area.  


What’s a fun fact about you?     

I have a miniature rabbit named Little Uzi Vert, the rabbit that saved Hip-Hop.  


What’s a pet peeve of yours?   

One of my pet peeves is when people leave the lights on when they’re not in the room.  


What can’t you live without?   

One thing I can’t live without is coffee.