White Marble US Trends Report Q1 2023

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Our report highlights significant insights from our data analytics platform, Beacon, and discusses updates and considerations on how biodiversity and culture are shaping our industry

During Q1 2023, the asset management industry faced a difficult beginning, primarily due to persistent central bank policy interventions that resulted in increased interest rates and a near banking crisis within the United States. As the industry adapts to new challenges, including the incorporation of ESG factors, addressing inflation, and pursuing tangible returns, it is also taking advantage of fresh opportunities such as digital wallets and tokenized funds. Organizational culture has emerged as a critical aspect within the financial sector, as companies strive to overcome adverse market conditions and adjust to evolving trends.

Beacon Insights for Q1 2023

Beacon, a digital marketing benchmarking tool for investment marketers, offers comprehensive insights into past performance across channels for asset management firms in the US, UK and Europe.

By comparing their performance against industry peers, firms can gain valuable knowledge on their social media engagement, including metrics such as engagement rate, follower growth rate, total posts per month, and posts per day, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and improve their overall marketing strategies

Harnessing the Power of Culture

As the focus on culture intensifies, so does the pressure to ensure that the meticulously crafted images and copy on a firm's website are differentiated enough, genuinely align with the employee experience and accurately reflect the company's evolution over time. This report uncovers the marketer's role in steering corporate culture.

An Increasing Focus on Biodiversity

The global financial industry continues to witness a remarkable shift towards sustainability and responsible investing, a critical aspect of this transformation being the growing consideration of biodiversity in future-oriented decisions of both businesses and investors. We explore how marketers can navigate the biodiversity theme.

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