White Marble Q4 US Trends Report

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As we look ahead to the new year, this report not only provides tangible data points from our benchmarking software, Beacon, but also delves into the current state of the anti-ESG movement in the US. 

It explores the revolutionary impact of artificial intelligence on various facets of marketing, such as content writing, media generation, and sales support.

Looking back on 2022, the economic portrait is far from rosy. The stock market declined significantly, with the S&P 500 Index slumping 19.44% to record its worst annual performance since 2008. Only the Energy sector performed well, while the Information Technology sector contributed most to the poor performance of this index. 

Meanwhile, there have been layoffs at major companies such as PepsiCo, Tesla and Morgan Stanley, and the crypto market has taken a hit by the FTX scandal. With this in mind, the new year begins shrouded in economic uncertainty, despite some encouraging indications that global inflation may be plateauing.

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