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ETF marketing, content supply chains, and transmedia storytelling

Q4 2023 U.S. Investment Marketing Trends Report

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The ball has long since dropped and we are one month into 2024. Though the U.S. economic outlook looks overall rosier, asset management firms are still operating cautiously. 

Off the heels of a volatile few years, many marketing teams are grappling with how to operate on a flat or decreased budget – despite the job of marketers being harder than ever before. Now is the time to reevaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing efforts.  

 Our Q4 2023 report examines three trends from last quarter that point to why investment marketers must optimize their operations in 2024, and how they can successfully do so. 

Trend #1: ETFs exemplify overall marketing optimization challenges. 

ETF marketing is a prime case study of what’s happening with many firms’ overall marketing strategies. Increasing competition requires marketers to think innovatively, but slimmer margins mean they may have fewer resources to do so. Our first trend examines how the fast-moving, fee-pressured world of ETFs will continue to be a testing ground for truly strategic investment marketing. 

Trend #2: Firms have an oversupply of content – and want to fix it. 

As firms have sought to catch eyes and outperform in digital spaces, they’ve created a deluge of content. Now, White Marble Consulting has heard numerous firms say they have an oversupply of content and want to fix it. They want to ensure that the resources they spend producing content lead to results.  

Our second trend offers recommendations on how to look at your content strategy with fresh eyes and set up a content supply chain for greater ROI. 

Trend #3: Transmedia storytelling is the next evolution of omnichannel marketing. 

Omnichannel marketing first gained popularity in the early 2010s and has been a staple of marketing strategies ever since. Now, though, firms need to be thinking beyond omnichannel marketing to its next evolution – transmedia storytelling. 

While omnichannel marketing aims for a seamless and consistent customer experience across all channels of a brand, transmedia storytelling incorporates a more sophisticated, narrative-driven approach. It allows marketers to tell more nuanced stories while capitalizing on different channels’ unique strengths. Learn more in our third trend. 

Digital performance spotlight: Your “golden” KPIs 

To make the most of their time, marketers can prioritize a few “golden” key performance indicators when assessing how well their digital marketing efforts are performing.  

Learn more in our latest quarterly spotlight on digital marketing performance, which draws insight from Beacon, White Marble’s digital benchmarking tool for investment marketers. 

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