This week was the official 5 year celebration of White Marble Consultancy. To celebrate such an important milestone and reflect the evolution of the business, the team has been celebrating in style over a number of events! The business has grown from the founding consultancy into a unique multi-offering proposition; consultancy, learning and development with the Fund Marketing Network, and insight through our bench-marking tool Metrologis.

With the team growing so fast, especially over the last 6 months, the Leadership Team organised a two day WMM full team offsite at the Nutfield Priory in Surrey. We were treated to glorious weather and stunning views. The surroundings definitely set the mood for the agenda of sessions that focused on inspiring and encouraging creative thinking, problem solving and building on the values and culture that has blossomed within the team.

The Leadership team shared detailed insight into the forecast and plans for the coming 12 months. As a team we put forward ideas and discussed how we will approach specific opportunities, as well as ensuring we provide the same environment for growth and collaboration we offer our clients. We also included sessions hosted by Andy Brown from Waypoint Partners so the Directors could be fully emerged in the team development sessions, an important part of the White Marble culture.

With team expansion, a growing Metrologis client base, FMN evolution and a move into the US market, there was a lot to celebrate, which we did with the whole team enjoying a BBQ and drinks in the evening.

Then, to mark the milestone itself, we managed to get the full team together for lunch and celebrated with champagne and cake. Founding Partner and CEO Twink summed up what makes White Marble Marketing such an exciting place to work, ‘White Marble Marketing was born out of an idea five years ago, but it has grown and developed into the dynamic multi proposition offering today because of the talent and hard work of the fantastic team that make up WMM.’

Here’s to the next 5 years!