Brand attributes and components

An analysis of the top 50 global asset management brands

Key deliverables

  • Key brand components
  • Brands that cut through
  • Trends and changes


We reviewed the websites of the top 50 global asset management groups, assessing brand attributes such as colours, typography, straplines and imagery style. From this, we identified their primary proposition territories. Find out more about the commonalities, differences and unique brand identifiers below.

Colour palette

Over 80% of asset management firms feature blue prominently on their homepage. Although blue is considered to be traditional, conservative, reliable and stable, its widespread use in the industry diminishes its distinctiveness. Green, ranking as the second most popular choice, conveys notions of wealth, prosperity and sustainability.


Sans Serif fonts are favoured by 84% of groups. They are known for their simplicity, clean lines and modern appeal, in contrast to Serif fonts, which are seen as more formal and traditional. This preference aligns with the medium’s inclination towards readability on screen. Additionally, 13% use personalised fonts, standing out amid the sea of Arial and Helvetica.

Imagery style

Notably, 82% of asset management firms opt for photography as their primary image style. Within this group, almost half featured people, while one in three groups featured nature and city skylines. Brands that apply additional editing to their photography achieve a more distinctive presence.


66% of logos feature a lock-up icon alongside their name, enhancing memorability and visual appeal in the absence of a company name. 38% have a ‘descriptor’ in their logo in the form of ‘asset management’, ‘investors’ or ‘investment management’, occupying space that could be otherwise used for a visual element.

Proposition territories

43% emphasized client-centric language conveying togetherness, partnership, integrity, trust and confidence. 15% highlighted their size and scale while 12% emphasized their longevity as a key attribute. The remaining firms prioritised sustainability (10%), future thinkers (10%), expertise (6%) and value (4%).

Slide to the left to see the limited colour pallets used by asset managers

Our three key take-aways:

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