Crafting and refining your content to make it work harder for you, your brand and your offering


A comprehensive review of your content – whether written, visual or audio – can help to identify gaps and opportunities. This will build the foundations to ensure you are sending out the right message, to the right audience, at the right time and in the right format.  

We will: 

  • assess your existing content suite 
  • review its tone, style, length and format, among other things 
  • deliver clear recommendations and advice around best practice  

Strategy & planning

Only by understanding your audience and being clear on who they are can you best engage with them. It is then about identifying the points where your content and target audience intersect.  

We will: 

  • map out key audience segments and align engagement 
  • identify behaviours, traits and pain points 
  • design a plan of action 
  • help in the creation of an annual content calendar  

Fulfilment & production

Producing a steady stream of engaging and well-thought-out content is a resource-intensive task. White Marble not only understands your business, but the wider industry and your clients. This enables us to alleviate pressure and clear bottlenecks, freeing up your resources

We will: 

  • identify topics and themes  
  • adopt your in-house style and tone 
  • deliver associated micro copy 
  • design and produce individual assets 



With more touchpoints than ever before, the success of a piece of content is predicated on it finding its way into the right hands – namely your target audience.   

We will: 

  • identify the optimal route(s) to market for each piece/type of content 
  • assess content performance and, where needed, amend and adapt to ensure the target audience is reached

Proven process

We aim to converge your business’ goals with your clients’ needs. Our approach is collaborative and curious; we are not afraid to challenge.








We engage with you and your team to fully understand what you want to achieve. This includes an in-depth review of your target audience, long-term strategy and business needs.

  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Peer reviews
  • Content audit
  • Research


With a deep knowledge of your company, we break down how you can maximise the impact of your content, whether for specific campaigns or end-to-end customer journeys.

  • Best practice
  • Bespoke recommendations
  • Integrated strategies


Our flexibility means we can support you in the way that suits you; whether that is as a third-party adviser, a complement to your team or wider support to meet your content needs.

  • One-off asset production
  • Retainer
  • Distribution of assets
  • Analysis of performance

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