Welcome back to another episode of AIM High. In today’s podcast we take a slightly different approach as Twink is joined in the studio by Benjie Elston, Director and Head of Sustainability at White Marble, who shares the findings from our latest in-depth investor research. 

Accompanying Benjie and Twink is Ross Duncton, Head of Marketing & Direct at BMO Global Asset Management (EMEA), who shares his reflections on how BMO managed to achieve such great success in this space.  

What’s covered in this podcast? 

  • Which asset managers rank as leaders or laggards within ESG and responsible investing 
  • Why might an asset managers fall behind in this space 
  • The process behind BMO’s success
  • Qualities marketers need to drive responsible investing within their organisation
  • Key findings and insights from WMMs recent investor research
  • The nuances between institutional and wholesale audiences

Introducing the participants: 

Ross Duncton is a highly experienced marketing lead with over 15 years of experience working in the financial services industry. Formerly with Prudential and Acromas Financial services, Ross has a thorough understanding of financial marketing, product management, commercials and operational capabilities. 

Benjie Elston, Product Director, heads up the sustainability practice at White Marble, leading the way in pushing the development and education of ESG for clients and the wider industry. With 12 years of business development experience within the asset management industry, Benjie has experience as a product specialist for Newton’s ESG team, assisting those looking for help to find clear brand and product articulation.