The eventing industry – worth over $1tn globally – is at the sharp end of the disruption caused by the coronavirus. Corporate events, conferences and trade exhibitions have been cancelled due to the impact of social distancing and working from home. Once this crisis has been overcome, will the delivery of events ‘return back to normal’ or remain in a digital proposition?

In this week’s episode, Twink talks to Jon Rosies, Event Marketing Consultant, and Amy Calvert, Director at 1331 Events, to discuss the way we’re rethinking the role and delivery of events in a new working world.


Themes covered in this podcast:

  • The future of the events industry
  • How budgets will be allocated across events
  • The opportunity to reinvigorate events with more innovation – will this enable a better return on investment?
  • The practicalities for future events and likely timeframes for doing them
  • Tips for event managers

Jon is a senior marketing leader and experiential specialist, with specific expertise in event marketing and multimedia. During his 30-year career he has worked alongside the marketing and business development teams of some of the world’s leading investment firms, technology companies and publishing houses in Europe, the US and Asia. Combining hands-on technical production with strategic marketing expertise, he now supports marketing directors and their teams define event marketing strategy and deliver brand experiences in digital and live settings.

Amy Calvert is an experienced event specialist with over 20 years’ experience delivering large-scale events and conferences that span over 25 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the US. From corporate events for investment banks and top asset management firms to global tech companies and retailers, Amy’s  global experience includes conferences for 1000 people in New York, PGA golf tours, parties, dinners and table planning for up to 500 people and bespoke C-Level thought-leadership events.