In our remote working world, marketing teams are finding themselves incredibly busy – some are thinking about recruiting, while many other companies are struggling. There seems to be a real polarisation to how marketing teams are faring through this period.

In today’s podcast we address this issue, as Twink talks to Charlie Walters, Director of CW Learning Ltd and Ruth Johnson, Director at INK HR. They discuss how to handle team growth and reduction.


Themes covered in this podcast:

  • Key considerations for an effective recruitment strategy
  • Best practice interview process and considerations for interviewing, recruiting and onboarding someone remotely
  • Most effective methods of talent retention
  • How to go about having those tough conversations with individuals and how best to manage the wider team
  • Tips on how to manage, right-size and create a cohesive, motivated team

Ruth Johnson, an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development, and qualified in Advanced Employment Law, is a highly qualified business coach, trained in performance assessment and analysis. Prior to setting up her own compliance practice, Ruth was head of HR at Lane4 Performance Management, an award-winning leadership development consultancy. Ruth’s early HR career began at Andersen Consulting, and she subsequently worked for Goldman Sachs, both on the trading floor and within the investment bank.

Charlie Walters is a highly experienced trainer, facilitator, and leadership consultant within the financial services industry. Before setting up CW Learning, Charlie was a Management and Personal Development Tutor at Fitch Learning and most recently led the learning and development team at Schroders.