COVID-19 has pushed marketing to the forefront in many businesses as the full client experience is now being delivered digitally. Sales and marketing teams are working together more closely than before and investment officers now seek out their marketing departments’ help to develop online client engagement strategies. Does this present an opportunity for marketers to build relationships and strengthen engagement with key stakeholders across the business?

In this week’s episode, Twink talks to Jackie Boylan, Head of the UK Adviser Platform at Fidelity International, and Curt Custard, Chief Investment Officer at Newton Investment Management, to discuss stakeholder management, impact and influence.

Themes covered in this podcast:

  • The prominence of marketing within investment management companies and how it is cultivated at a cultural and individual level
  • Tips on how to approach and get attention of senior stakeholders
  • How to prioritise the stakeholders you need to engage with
  • Tips for dealing with old-school, antagonistic stakeholders who are patronising towards marketing
  • How marketers can build and maintain stronger relationship with key stakeholders i.e. sales teams, investment managers and compliance

Jackie Boylan is an experienced executive with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. Upon joining FundsNetwork in 2017, Jackie assumed the responsibility for the management and development of the service and experience that FundsNetwork delivers to advisory firms. Prior to joining the Fidelity, Jackie spent 22 years at BT Financial Group, where she held a number of management positions and was  instrumental in enhancing the customer and adviser experience.

Curt Custard is responsible for all aspects of Newton’s global investment processes and team. He joined Newton in 2017 to lead the investment teams for the firm, including the portfolio managers, research analysts and the trading function. Prior to joining Newton, Curt was head of the Global Investment Solutions division of UBS Asset Management where he oversaw a 130+ person investment team in five locations.