Giving presentations is a required skill in modern society and while it can seem easy enough on the surface, delivering cut through presentations that truly engage audiences is a very much sought-after skill.  

In today’s episode Twink explores how to make presentations impactful and deliver cut-through for your audience as she is joined by the experienced Dylan Emery, Editorial Director at Last Word Media 

Themes covered in this podcast:  

  • What do the best presentations have in common? 
  • Differentiating through messaging to engage audiences 
  • How marketers can help fund managers think differently about pitch content 
  • How to deliver cutthrough in online events 

Introducing this week’s guest:  

Dylan Emery is an experienced editorial director within the asset and wealth management industry. Hco-founded the publishing, research and events company Last Word in 2005 and is a regular chairman of investment conferences and awards ceremonies. In addition to Dylan’s editorial flair, he also runs an improvised theatre company which regularly performs in the West End and around the world.