In a world where clients are faced with an array of content and choice, the businesses that survive in 2021 will be the ones that find new ways to engage and connect with audiences.

In this week's episode Twink is joined by Lori Stahl, Strategic Brand Storyteller and Heidi Bryant, Author and Marketing Director at CRU to discuss the art of storytelling in marketing. An often overlooked idea in traditionally 'professional' industries, the untapped potential of storytelling can open up new areas for marketing teams.


Themes covered in this podcast:

  • The importance and different types of storytelling
  • Adding this to your marketing strategy to influence and engage clients better
  • Positioning storytelling internally
  • Where it fits in the marketing mix
  • Tools and tips for improving and measuring the impact of storytelling

Lori Stahl is an experienced brand storyteller with experience working at creative agencies in diverse roles for almost 20 years. Lori prides herself on bringing together strategy and creativity to bring a unique perspective, translate and amalgamate inputs from diverse stakeholders for varied audiences in omni-channel environments. Taking a holistic approach to storytelling, Lori ensures that character and tone effectively tell the right story, for each target audience and deliver the desired outcome.

Heidi Bryant is a highly motivated, experienced, international marketer with over 26 years' experience growing businesses through the power of measurable, marketing strategies. Most recently Heidi has been consulting on marketing strategies for a number of different clients within varying business sectors; Financial Services, SaaS, Fintech, Arts, Domestic Services, and Tourism. In addition, In Heidi's spare time, she's a qualified translator from French and Spanish into English and in 2018 became a children's author.