#ThisWayForward. Why we pursued B Corp certification

March is B Corp month and it marks White Marble Consulting’s first as a certified B Corp. To celebrate this milestone, we wanted to share a bit about why we decided to pursue certification and the steps we have taken over the last year to be a better business.

14 March 4 mins

Sustainability in 2024 – What investment marketers need to look out for

The past year has been a particularly challenging one for sustainability and ‘ESG’ investing. It is inevitable that…

21 December 4 mins

The evolution of stewardship, reporting and the need for humility

Earlier this year we conducted a research project assessing how asset managers viewed the UK Stewardship Code. One of the things that stood out in the interviews we conducted with current signatories to the Code was just how numerous and varied their views were, regarding both the future direction of the UK Stewardship Code and stewardship reporting in general.

13 December 3 mins

The UK Stewardship Code – the good, the bad and the ugly according to you, the signatories.

In the summer of 2023 we embarked on a research project to give all asset manager signatories of the UK Stewardship Code the opportunity to share their thoughts, their challenges and their successes. This report presents our findings from the good, the bad and the ugly.

30 October 3 mins

To B Corp or not to B Corp – what is the answer?

Kirsten Hastings, White Marble's Head of Content and Lisa Mattes Senior Marketing Executive at White Marble are joined by Lucy Ronan, Impact and Sustainability Manager at Octopus Group. With White Marble only recently achieving its B Corp certification and Octopus Group gearing up for recertification, in this podcast they delve into the reasons companies want to achieve B Corp certification, what the process is like and how it has shaped the companies.

18 October < 1 min

Our 4 takeaways from NYC Climate Week’s “Advancing the Transition”

The Climate Group hosted its 15th Annual Climate Week NYC last week amid growing skepticism in the U.S.…

28 September 4 mins

Shh… Don’t flaunt our green credentials

The growing disenchantment with ESG in the United States has been well documented and, if we are being honest with ourselves, should not really come as much of a surprise. All movements and trends experience a natural ebb and flow, shifting between popular and unfashionable, until they find their equilibrium.

19 July 3 mins

Biodiversity is so much more than an environmental issue

COP 15 drew to a close earlier this week. The final text of the post-2020 global biodiversity outlines the goal to protect 30% of the planet for nature and restore 30% of the planet’s degraded water based ecosystems by 2030, as well as reform c. £410 bn of environmentally damaging incentives and subsidies.

19 December 4 mins

COP 27: A financial marketer’s perspective

As the smoke clears from a tumultuous two-week period of discussions, events and announcements in Sharm el-Sheikh, we reflect on the COP27 summit and how its outcomes relate to the asset management sector.

14 December 4 mins

Biodiversity and why it matters

Sustainability and responsible investing are front of mind for so many of us in the investment management industry.…

01 November 3 mins