How to launch a lead generation pilot – business processes

In part one of this series we outlined how to map the client journey and in part two it was about how to best use the technology and data tools at your fingertips. So, you have generated a bunch of leads for your sales team to speak to. Job done, right?

05 June 3 mins

Launching a lead generation pilot – technology and data

Part 1 of this series outlined the steps needed to map the journey your prospects will traverse during your campaign. This second part will look at how to bring it to life using the tools you have at your fingertips...

14 May 4 mins

AIM High: Content to build audiences

Growing an audience, as we've all experienced, is a difficult task. In our increasingly digital world it can feel hard to compete with all…

23 March < 1 min

Measuring your brand – it’s as easy as 1,2,3. Or is it?

The most asked question by marketing teams is how to develop a differentiated look and feel for their…

12 February 2 mins

Big Data in Marketing: How to successfully measure your marketing performance

Our resident measurement mentor Kennedy Lynn looks at the rise of big data in today’s digital world, As…

13 November 3 mins

User Group meeting 28th Feb 2020

Our February user group kicked off welcoming Natixis Investment Managers and BNP Paribas Asset Management to the group. Every new member brings…

06 March < 1 min

What goes into a successful search engine ad campaign?

Digital advertising – and particularly search engine marketing – has grown significantly over just the last 10 years.…

21 November 3 mins

User Group meeting 8th Nov 2019

We recently held our User Group meeting for members of the Metrologis benchmarking peer group. We get together…

15 November 2 mins