As we close out an eventful year, we're eager to share the exciting advancements made within Beacon, White Marble’s digital marketing benchmarking tool uniquely designed for asset managers. The year was about redefining our own data analytics and delivering data in a new way. Here’s a little sneak peek into what we’ve been up to…

We introduced Quarterly Insights Reports: This year, we rolled out something pretty special – our Quarterly Insights Reports. Think of these as your personal data concierge, delivering neat, insightful chunks of data right to your inbox. No more data overload; just the good stuff, tailored for your firm. Sound intriguing? We’re just getting started.

We switched to quarterly updates: To maximize the impact of our data delivery, we've shifted our updates from monthly to quarterly. This change means you get richer, more strategic insights every time clients log in to the Beacon dashboard. We believe in quality over quantity here on the Beacon Team. With this change, we hope to make your consumption of the data much easier to digest.

We brought together our Beacon Community: Beacon is more than just a tool for data; it's a place where people come together to build a community. Every quarter, we host in-person sessions called our Beacon Connect Meetings. Our Beacon Connect meetings are where investment marketers come together to share ideas, data, and insights. It's especially valuable for investment marketers looking to learn and connect with other industry professionals. This year, we had three great sessions in London, with each session bringing together about 10-15 marketers. Interested in joining the next one? Our next Connect meeting is happening on February 22nd, 2024, in our London office. Reach out to Kennedy, our Beacon lead, who can fill you in on the details.

If you're curious about how Beacon can fit into your 2024 plans, think of it as having a partner that simplifies the complex world of data, turning it into insights that can drive your marketing team's vision forward. You never know, Beacon may be the missing piece to your data puzzle! We’d love to connect with you and answer any remaining questions.

Andrew, Kennedy, and Liam
Your Beacon Team