In a crowded market, knowing what really matters to your clients is more important than ever

Investor research

What do investors want/ need/ care about?

Understanding what matters to your clients and prospects has never been more important. Primary and secondary research can help you understand, and then deliver, exactly what your audience wants and needs.  

Through surveys and focus groups we can help you get right in front of your clients and hear what matters to them first hand. 

Peer review

What are your competitors doing/ saying?

Drawing on our industry awareness, secondary data sources and primary research where possible, we can help you build a picture of the competitive landscape, and where your business has the room to thrive.  

Thematic research

What are the emerging themes that will shape your brand and business?

From analysing existing data sets and incorporating primary research we can help you get to grips with the emerging and established themes that are pivotal to your business.   

Market testing

How does your target audience respond to a new campaign/ brand identity?

Sense checking new brand or campaign messaging/ creative on a sample group representative of your client/ stakeholder base can be an insightful step.  

Proven Process

To ensure that our clients brand expressions celebrate their culture and capture their audiences’ imagination, we work to a proven process.


What's the question?


How to find the answer?


Making it happen


Acting on it

What's the question?

What are the challenges or issues your firm is facing and how can White Marble help?

Unlike generic marketing or market research agencies we are dedicated to investment management. Our specialism and experience means we understand the specific challenges our clients face.

How to find the answer?

What’s the most appropriate methodology and approach?
We help refine the brief to target the key questions to be answered and the most appropriate methodology to achieve this.

Making it happen

Facilitate every part of the research process, Including: developing screeners, creating discussion guides, coordinating outreach, collating and analysing findings

Our understanding means we can delve into interesting opinions and find more nuance rather than just sticking to the script.

Acting on it

Contextual understanding of results and alignment of findings with key internal stakeholders and external agencies – and what to do to act upon the findings

Findings and reports are digestible, interpretable marketing-led outputs that are relevant to your specific challenges and needs and focused on actionable insights.

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