How we help our clients research the motivations of investors

Key deliverables

  • Peer review
  • 25 person focus group
  • Ratify hypotheses
  • Progress partnership


The JP Morgan Emerging Markets Investment Trust wanted to better understand investors’ perceptions of ESG and sustainability. The Board was aware that ESG and sustainability themes are of increasing importance to investors, and wanted to understand how investors in emerging markets perceived and prioritised such factors.

Holistic research

We first drew on secondary research in the form of a peer review and previous proprietary research conducted by White Marble. This helped us to develop an early impression of the landscape and the themes that participants in the focus groups might be interested in.

Focus groups

We then ran five focus groups to capture insights from c. 25 people total. Participants were recruited using a detailed screener to ensure that we sampled a cross-section of the potential client base of the Trust. We ran an initial test group, after which we adjusted the recruitment screener to refine the characteristics of participants in the focus groups.


The research findings ratified the Board’s hypothesis and they were able to confidently renew their strategy approach for another year. White Marble continued to as an ongoing partner with JP Morgan on a range of projects.

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