Multi-use design for a strong brand application

Key Deliverables

  • Design framework
  • Cohesive brand application
  • Delivered in short time frame


The client required a compelling design framework for an event, which complemented their brand voice and values, and could be applied across a range of relevant materials.


We crafted several design concepts, allowing the client to select the path forward that best resonated with their brand. We then applied the chosen design style across event staging, entry lanyards, and website and email designs. The design framework we established could be easily implemented by the client, and the production company staging the event, ensuring its roll-out was smooth.


A detailed design framework that articulated the client's brand identity with clarity and creativity, and the cohesive application of this framework across a range of marketing materials. Our impactful design work ensured that the expression of the Square Mile brand to conference attendees was memorable, creating a strong sense of the client's identity in the time-limited context of a conference.

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